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Look in my eyes tell me what you see. A broken down man from the misery and defeat. But I'll die to protect what's mine. And that's something you're afraid of. This world is mine, You can't trust anyone. This world is mine, nowhere left to run. This world is mine, can't trust anyone. This world is mine, no way out. Your first mistake pay with your life. No second chance the games are over. I'm taking all that you possess. Elitist in the truest form you can't beat me. This world is mine, you can't trust anyone. This world is mine, nowhere left to run. This world is mine, can't trust anyone. This world is mine, no way out. This world is mine crippled ship in the path of the storm. Breath of sin in the path of the righteous. Your acts won't go unpunished because this world is mine. Bring the world back down.


At end of 2001, New Jersey’s once vibrant scene had been reduced to a few throwbacks to the glory days and not much else. Gone were the weekly shows at places like the Stone Pony, Pipeline and all the great hall shows of the era. Much like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Shattered Realm arose through the ranks immediately staking a claim at the empty throne of NJHC’s scene. Taking the metallic riffs that powered bands like Second To None and Fury Of Five to world acclaim, but mixing the hardcore sensibilities they’ve managed to cut out of what little competition there was and make a name throughout the Northeast. It wasn’t but a few months after the release of their highly praised demo that Joe from WarMachine Records approached, interested in remastering and re-releasing the material. Firmly at the helm of the new Jersey scene they took their vibrant live show and stage antics out as far as Chicago and Detroit, testing the waters for tours to come. In no time the overwhelming mass appeal and word of mouth made Shattered Realm a name that known far and wide.

At that time they chose to release their debut Broken Ties, Spoken Lies with Alveran/Eulogy. Their US tours in support of this record took its toll not just on the members themselves, but on their many vans. It was not uncommon for them to leave their homes in one van and come home in another. Despite setbacks and eventual lineup changes, they’ve managed to make a name for themselves throughout the world. A fall European solidified the bands ability and prowess, leaving the fans craving a new full length. 2004 found them changing lineups again, again a new singer, again a tour nearly sidelined because of a shitty van. Regardless of the obstacles, they’ve managed to overcome whatever stood in their way.

A lot of experience and wisdom was gained in those few short years on the road, playing for almost nothing and living out of Wal-Mart parking lots. Poised and in a position of power never thought of before, Shattered Realm brought to you - Broken Ties, Spoken Lies… arguably the most brutal offering out of New Jersey in easily a decade. A lot of blood, sweat and tears has got SR to this point. Their fans made each trip and each show worth the struggle and sacrifice.

For Shattered Realm, its been the best and worst of times, but the music and the hardcore scene has stood behind them the entire length of the trip, ensuring them that there is more to accomplish. This year will be their year to achieve that and much more.

FROM THE DEAD END BLOCKS WHERE LIFE MEANS NOTHING....the newest full length, available in the US through www.eulogyrecordings.com and Europe www.alveranrecords.com

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FIRE AT WILL (from France)

Fire At Will is a positive modern sounding old school band from France. A lot of the members are also involved in other bands such as Up Rights (on Commitment records) and Backsight (on tour with Second Combat this summer all over Europe). I think it was a bold choice to start jamming in May 2006 and delivering a six song EP only a year later. But I think they pulled it off. A nice mix of Comeback Kid, Rise Against and Good Riddance, a good screaming voice... sadly the clear singing parts sound a bit strange and draws attention away from the rest of the song. The production is good and gives it a nice raw edge. It definitely isn’t slick which helps with aggression of the music. The lyrics are negative but they consist of a positive outlook and message. The subjects are mostly social issues. The artwork is not so interesting for me, it seems like they used a comic book as the base for the artwork and some hours of Photoshop to finish it off. Maybe an original drawing would be better to give it some character of their own, that also fits the music better. Still both the music and lyrics make this an interesting cd. Give it a try.

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NINE ELEVEN (from France)

Band bio

Nine Eleven (Tours / Le Mans, Riot States Killers / No Time To Lose) was born from the ashes of common passions and from the love shared by its members for the Spermbirds, Nirvana, Bane, black metal, ambiant moroseness and the foretold next 40 years of collective blooming in the loneliness of daily work, televirtual life, mass sendentarisation, the scenestar "cool attitude" on internet forums and the cynicism of a speech pre-formated by a rotten youth nourished with the feeding bottles of the entertainment industry...

Not to mention the "cool" uniforms chemically enhancing the "cool" alternative french world, the badges fixed on the bag of the patrons of the HXC scene in Europe and elsewhere, the Levi's jeans and old school Vans who make us feel like true rebelsss(!), the enthusiasm and the good mood of the parisian easy going audience...

Our first record "king for a day...Ghost for a lifetime" is available since January 2006 on FREE EDGE CONSP!RACY.

What about our music, then? Oh, er... well, our music is simply inspired by the current speech, the sad and self-indulging failure-loving speech proudly defended by the "cool" people of our "cool" generation...

Use your disillusion review

Usually google is my friend for doing research on a band. But when you pick a name like "Nine Eleven", you can imagine it's hard to find what you are looking for. I did read about a thousand websites the TwinTowers, Emergency Number and the day that Pinochet stepped up in Chile. That last part is also where the band is referencing to. Weird, but okay they've got an excuse... they are French. Nine Eleven plays melodic old school, not unlike bands like Bane, Comeback Kid, Another Breath and Verse. And to be straight to the point it's never nowhere near the quality of the before mentioned bands. Especially the vocals, they are monotone and start boring me after a couple of songs... and start to irritate when the 10 tracks are almost finished. It took me about 15 times before I listened to the album completely. It's a shame cause music wise this isn't all that bad. Maybe it sounds a bit cliché and it seems like they recycled a lot of riffs, but for some reason it still sounds solid. The fast parts combined with melody creates a catchy sound.

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Un servidor (Cry If i Want To) celebra su cumpleaños la misma noche del festival... así que los primeros en llegar tendrán el honor y el placer de degustar una de las tartas de la mejor pastelería de Barcelona: Lujuria Vegana... no os lo perdais...

miércoles, 2 de enero de 2008


Hablar de involución es siempre algo negativo.... menos en este caso... cuando más y más bandas buscan sonar más nuevos, mas originales y más a la última los Lobos nos dan de nuevo en los morros sonando más crudos y más duros que nunca... sus shows son siempre una apuesta segura y esta vez no va a ser menos... Como apunte decir que acaban de salir en la revista Rockzone, así que si el rio suena es que agua lleva...

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En pleno aniversario de la Youth Crew que mejor manera de demostrar el buen estado de forma de la escena barcelonesa que con la presentación del nuevo trabajo de The Defense. Hablar de las cenizas de Refraining y Afterlife resurgiendo de nuevo en esta banda es hablar de palabras mayores... David León y el resto de la banda cada vez están más en forma y es algo que demuestra en cada descarga sobre el escenario... No os lo podeis perder... luego os arrepentireis...

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viernes, 28 de diciembre de 2007

Limited Edition Flyers


Con tan solo 2 conciertos a sus espaldas esta banda ya despunta como una de las promesas más sólidas dentro del panorama hardcore nacional. Y no es para menos teniendo entre sus filas a componentes y ex-componentes de bandas con la solera de: standstill, refraining, afterlife, maple, advance, fishtail, anykey, for some reason, selfportrait... Mete en una batidora a Comeback Kid, Good Riddance, Snapcase, Strife y aún te quedarás corto...

Presentan debut discográfico en este Alliance Fest: Reflections. Escúchalo en su myspace:

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martes, 25 de diciembre de 2007